Cultivate Academics

We empower students and families to thrive through their high school experiences by supporting self-awareness and college admissions strategy. We take a personal approach with each client, ensuring a balance of going and growing through high school to college. This creates the best student and the best application.


Cultivate. your future

Cultivate. Academics helps students develop a strategic edge in college admissions, while maintaining a balanced mindset. We guide families through the high school experience, helping students meet goals, uncover their passions, and develop authentic narratives that express their strengths and growth. Our approach integrates academic life coaching, using the end targets of college admission and its process (testing, resumés, interviewing, essays, applications) to develop the mindsets and core abilities for authentic success. When you choose to Cultivate. your academic future with us, you are choosing to grow into your best self.


Cultivate. your high school experience

The college admissions process begins the first day of high school. Therefore, we begin working with the majority of our students the summer before their freshman year and help them intentionally shape their high school experiences to step into their purpose and, eventually, their best college choice. Yet, we enthusiastically enroll students at all stages of their high school career, folding in important personal and learner habits whenever we begin our work together.


Cultivate. your growth

Through our coaching approach, students will Cultivate. the qualities that all students must embody for personal and academic success, the mindsets and abilities colleges look for in the admissions process: Confidence, Reflection, Intentionality, Engagement, Expression, Resilience, Balance, and Open-Mindedness.

Going. Growing. Venn Diagram

Middle Years Experience

  • Organizational and study skills

  • Interpersonal skill development

  • Appreciative goal setting for school and life experiences

  • A toolkit of educational self-advocacy strategies

  • Mid-year Review

  • Personal exploration

  • High school course selection

  • Envisioning the high school experience, consulting on high school choice

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Freshman Experience

  • Appreciative Parent & Student Interview

  • Establishing a time management framework

  • Developing a personal and academic organizational plan

  • Appreciative goal setting for school and life experiences

  • Understanding and defining your role in your community

  • Compass Points Survey: mapping your personal and collaborative work preferences

  • Mid-year Review

  • Supporting educational self-advocacy strategies

  • Social Media Intentionality

  • Focusing on study skills relevant to your needs

  • Sophomore Year Course Selection/Summer Workshop Explorations

  • Brainstorming a service project of personal value

  • Email and phone contact and support as needed

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Sophomore Experience

  • Appreciative Parent & Student Interview

  • Refining personal and academic time management and organizational processes

  • PSAT/ACT/SAT Overview and goal setting

  • Appreciative goal setting for sophomore year experiences

  • You Science: talent and self-discovery survey

  • Developing a Why-Driven Resumé

  • Mid-year Review

  • Junior Year Course Selection/Summer Workshop Explorations & Consulting

  • Personal project implementation support and reflection

  • Discuss PSAT results and refine goals

  • Email and phone contact and support as needed

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Junior Experience

  • Establishing a mindful journaling practice

  • Appreciative goal setting for junior year experiences

  • Updating Why-Driven Resumé and developing online portfolio

  • College major exploration exercises

  • Mid-year Review

  • Contacting universities, college admissions officers, individual professors

  • Building on lessons learned from the personal project; defining next level work

  • Identifying and attending college fairs

  • Visiting schools, questions to ask on a college tour and follow up

  • Testing Check-In and Goal Setting

  • Identify teachers for letters of recommendation and begin requesting

  • Senior Year Course Selection/Summer Workshop Explorations and Consulting

  • Build tentative college list

  • Email and phone contact and support as needed

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Senior Experience

  • Appreciative Parent & Student Interview

  • Reflect on high school and summer experiences

  • Finalize college list

  • Update and finalize resumé

  • Fill out the Common Application. Coalition Application, and specific school applications

  • Essay brainstorming, development, and refinement

  • Supplemental Essay support

  • Early Action/Regular Decision/Early Decision Consulting

  • FAFSA and CSS Profile Consulting

  • Application support to between 7-12 schools

  • Weighing acceptances, deferrals, rejections

  • Negotiating financial aid packages

  • Finalizing decisions

  • Making the deposit

  • College Transitions Workshop

  • Email and phone contact and support as needed

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Cultivate. your acceptance

Our team has a record of student receiving admission into the college of their choice. See acceptances here.

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