With a sea of colleges to choose from, finding the right one to apply to, gauging the possibility of acceptance, as well as keeping up with the college admissions process can be quite daunting for students and their parents. Now, there are college admissions counselors who offer specialized college admissions consulting services that can greatly benefit and impact the future of prospective students. Cultivate Academics offers these college admissions assistance services, among many other services. Let’s check out what exactly this means. 

What is College Admissions Consulting?

College admissions consultants, otherwise known as college admissions counselors, provide personalized help in the college admissions process. They eliminate any guesswork since they know the ins and outs of the process. 

In essence, college admissions consulting offers strategic help to students and proper guidance through the application and essay-writing processes while helping students determine schools that would be the best fit for them. College admissions counselors may even offer career advice, test prep services, guidance concerning financial aid, course selection, and more.

Five Benefits of College Admissions Consulting

Although there is a myriad of benefits from obtaining college admissions consulting services, we will focus on five ways students can benefit from hiring experienced college admissions counselors:

1. Personalized Help and Feedback

Guidance counselors are a wonderful help, however, many of them simply have too much on their plate. They have many students to help, and it is impossible to provide personal and focused feedback to all of them. Choosing to work with a college admissions counselor instead offers students the one-on-one help they need to successfully navigate the college admissions process.

2. Greater Chance of Acceptance

Though a college admissions counselor cannot personally guarantee acceptance, they can increase the chance of it by guiding students to schools that are more tailored for their needs. This helps weed out unnecessary admissions to schools that may not be able to offer what the student is looking for.

3. Eliminate Unnecessary Stress

An incredible benefit of college admissions consulting is eliminating unnecessary stress for students and parents. Instead of worrying about deadlines and what may or may not impress the school, insider help is provided.

4. Help Identifying an Area of Focus

Since college admissions counselors have extensive knowledge of various schools, majors, and so forth, they can help the wavering student identify an area or major they would like to focus on. In turn, this can help the college admissions counselor steer them toward the right school and program in which they are most likely to be successful and thrive.

5. A Worthwhile Investment in the Future

Hiring an experienced college admissions counselor, or consultant is a worthwhile investment in the future. For example, it can help students develop a tailored college career path and contribute to them graduating on time and flourishing in their chosen major and future career.  

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As competition to get into colleges grows, many students can benefit from college admissions consulting. A college admissions counselor may offer personalized guidance for the student and their parents, eliminating unnecessary stress and maximizing their chance of success. Curious about if college admissions counseling with Cultivate can be beneficial for the future of your educational career? Connect with us today!