Tutoring is a valuable tool when preparing for the college admissions process and standardized tests. However, knowing what to focus on in tutoring sessions may be a bit confusing. For example, you may know you need help with math in general but identifying the particular area of math you need supplemental help in may seem overwhelming. Nevertheless, tutoring may be highly beneficial, and there are five key ways to identify areas in which you may need additional help. 

Five Strategies for Identifying Areas to Focus On

1. Ask Your Tutor Specific Questions

To make the most of tutoring sessions, be sure to ask your tutor specific questions. This will also help you identify what it is you need to have explained further. For example, after something is explained, you may solidify your knowledge by asking questions that are concept or problem-specific.

2. Relay the Information Back to Your Tutor

After key concepts are explained, take the opportunity to relay what you have learned back to your tutor. In doing so, they will be able to identify if there is anything you are not fully grasping that they may need to cover further. 

In addition, as you begin to explain it back to them, if you find yourself at a loss for words, it may be that you are struggling to explain the concept and need to study it a bit more. Being able to effectively explain concepts or problems to another individual often indicates that you have a firm understanding of them.  

3. Take Practice Tests Outside of Tutoring

When you are not tutoring, you may seek to test your knowledge through online tests or quizzes. This is also a key study technique for test preparation. While going through the college admissions process, you may take practice standardized tests to identify any areas you need to further focus on in tutoring. Overall, tutoring is a wonderful way to proactively engage in test preparation.

4. Openly Communicate with Your Tutor

If you are not understanding a concept, term, or problem, do not be afraid to openly communicate that to your tutor. They may not realize you are not grasping something unless you speak up. Open communication is one of the best ways to make the most of the tutoring session at hand.

5. Have Your Tutor Test Your Knowledge

If at any point you are unsure if you are understanding what your tutor is communicating, you may have them test your knowledge by asking you example questions or presenting you with example problems. Doing this with your tutor present allows them the opportunity to assess your progress in specific areas. It also reveals areas that need further emphasis.

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