When it comes to study tips, different test prep techniques work well for different individuals. If you are in high school and wading through various college applications or preparing for standardized tests, there are five tried and true study tips that you may benefit from. While each of these test preparation methods may not work equally well for you, trying them out and finding even one or two that do will offer you an advantage in your study time.

1. Determine Your Learning Style and Create a Personalized Study Plan

Every student learns differently, and it is therefore important to play to your strengths. For example, are you a visual learner? Perhaps you can take advantage of video tutorials. Do you learn by listening? Maybe there is a podcast that can help you grasp key concepts. Determining your learning style while taking advantage of technological resources can help you play to your strengths when going through the college applications process and studying for standardized tests.  

Next, set aside specific times to study. You may create a personalized study plan by reviewing past tests, quizzes, and any concepts you have had trouble with in the past. Then, you may take practice standardized test to assess your progress.   

2. Write and Rewrite Key Information

Rewriting key tidbits of information is a tried and true study tip that has helped many students prepare for tests. For example, taking hand-written notes and even rewriting important information has been shown to help commit it to memory for easier recall. You may want to consider creating flashcards, as well.

3. Try to Explain the Concept to Someone Else

Attempting to explain the concept to someone else is a crucial test prep tool. For example, how you explain it to a friend or family member directly showcases your own understanding of the material. They will also be able to provide feedback and ask questions. If they have an easy time grasping the concept, chances are you do, too!

4. Join or Create a Study Group

Although it is best to not entirely rely on a study group, this test preparation method is a great supplemental tool to your own study time. Hearing how others have digested concepts and seeing their unique approach to the material may provide you with insight and further understanding.

5. Switch Settings

Switching the setting in which you study can help provide you with a mental break and a fresh approach to the material. You may find certain environments are more conducive to studying and concentration than others.

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Preparing for higher education, filling out college applications, and studying for standardized tests may seem daunting. However, there are key study tips that can help you with test preparation and set you up for success. These five tried and true study tips will meet you where you are at and give you important test prep tools that you can take with you throughout your college career. If you are still having a difficult time grasping certain concepts, or simply would like some extra feedback on where you’re at with test preparation, connect with Cultivate today!