If you’re looking for the best ways to get ahead through the college admissions process, then you may want to consider applying for the honors program at the college of your choice. Many colleges, including top universities, offer honors college programs that are designed to help outstanding students maximize their potential while benefiting from the decision to push themselves towards higher academic goals. Entering an honors college program is a great way to get ahead, especially for students who are looking for additional academic scholarships. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider applying for the honors program.

Accelerated Programs

One of the best reasons to enter an honors program is because it can provide you with a more challenging academic experience. This is an excellent option for students who learn quickly or who enjoy being challenged in their academic pursuits. Does this inherently mean that honors classes are more difficult than general courses? Not necessarily. Many times, the honors course will simply be paced differently or require students to complete supplementary projects or internships. It also shows future employers that you are a self-starter with a “can-do” attitude.

Access To More Scholarships

As we mentioned, applying to the honors college is a great way to access additional financial aid opportunities. Many schools will offer honors-specific scholarships to students who have been admitted into the university’s honors program. Often these additional scholarships only require that a student be admitted into the honors college and complete the required FAFSA financial aid forms. This makes joining the honors program in college a great option for students who excelled in high school but may need additional financial assistance on top of need-based scholarships that are available to all students.

Many students overlook this scholarship opportunity because they worry that entering the honors program would result in a lower GPA or a harder course-load as an honors student, but that couldn’t be further than the truth. While honors colleges may have their curriculum or requirements, honors classes are not graded any harder than regular college classes.

Stand Out On Advanced Degree Applications

In addition to helping you tap into additional scholarship opportunities, joining an honors program can help you stand out on applications in the future. Much like high school honors and AP classes, joining an honors program in college can show that a student has taken the initiative to challenge themselves in school. Additionally, Honors Colleges are excellent choices for Med School and Law School hopefuls because often Honors College requirements include internships, research, and thesis or capstone projects.