In our latest blog, we will discuss High School Seniors: Spring Focus and the importance of finishing strong and relishing your last moments in high school as a Senior.

Spring term is here, and as a Senior, it’s time to finish strong and relish your last moments in high school. Excitement settles in as the end is in sight for accomplishing tough classes and extracurriculars. There’s also the eagerness for what comes next as Seniors become freshmen again as they enter college. With the countless hours spent investing thought, effort, and emotion into the college admissions process, it’s common to have your heart set on certain outcomes. Before opening letters or emails from schools declaring your acceptance status, remember to stay open-minded during this time. There is no perfect or certain path to success and happiness, so as decision time comes for making your final college selections, keep an open heart if you don’t get into your top school. You can have an excellent experience no matter where you go!

It’s also important to practice open-mindedness when selecting your major. There are many things that you may want to pursue as you begin your college journey, so allow yourself flexibility and time to explore what you’d like to study. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If you have an interest that is calling you, follow it. Stay open to the possibility that while it may turn into your passion, it may not be for you. This is totally okay and a part of what college is all about. Getting to know yourself better and growing as a person are experiences students should actively seek during their college journey. Practice resilience and know that you can pivot or select a new major during your time in college. If you change your major, it isn’t a deal-breaker for your future. You can handle bumps in the road- look at all you have accomplished so far!

While it’s important to look to the future, this is still the Spring term of your last year in high school, so enjoy it and make the most out of it. Continue to study hard as second-semester grades can affect your acceptance. Universities reserve the right to revise or rescind their offers to students who let their GPA fall dramatically or fail to model behavior in line with the institution’s values. A great way to stay on top of this is to re-read your acceptance letter and understand what your college expects. They may want to see a mid-year report, so make a request to your counselor as soon as possible since lead times to receive these can vary. Keep checking your email and stay on top of the correspondence you’ve made with the colleges you applied to. Finally, complete your financial aid forms and search for scholarship opportunities. Unigo, College Board’s Big Future, Scholarshipowl, and CFNC are all great places to search for scholarships.

Please remember, that your Cultivate Coach is available to answer any questions you might have!