Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many SAT and ACT tests, originally scheduled for the spring and summer, have been canceled. This means that many students have not yet taken or retaken their standardized tests. To compensate for this disadvantage, over 1,200 universities have adopted test-optional or test flexible policies, including six of the top 20 colleges. These test-optional policies allow more students to have the opportunity to apply to competitive schools, even if they have not had the chance to take their standardized tests. However, test-optional does not mean test-blind. Schools will still consider submitted test scores unless explicitly stated. 

While this policy may sound appealing, it does allow college admissions officers to tell whether students had prepared and taken their SAT/ACT earlier in their academic career. By not submitting test scores as a part of the college application, it can be an indication that students failed to prepare as early as possible. 

To see up to date information about standardized testing policies for top 20 schools as well as other national institutions of higher learning, see: Fairtest.org

As of now, the ACT is planning on national test dates including Saturday, September 12th, Sunday, September 13, Saturday, September 19, Saturday, October 10, Saturday, October 17, Saturday, October 24, Sunday, October 25. Registration will open Monday, August 3rd. 

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