An Interview on a New Cultivate Offering! 

At Cultivate, we are always looking for new ways to support students as they pursue higher education. Not only do we offer guidance through the college admissions process, but we also offer assistance on standardized tests, tutoring in 9-12 subject areas, and even guidance for financial aid

This combination of services has been very effective in helping our students achieve their academic goals. With this in mind, Cultivate looked to expand how we could support students earlier on in their academic journeys. After all, you cannot build a sturdy house of high school and collegiate success on a shaky foundation of early education. 

Enter Steff Shapiro, Cultivate’s newest collaborator and content tutor for grades K-8.

We recently met with Steff to interview her about how she is supporting our youngest “Cultivate kids,” her experiences as an educator, and some other fun facts. Let’s check it out! 

Steff & the Collaboration with Cultivate

Steff is a K-8 educator who has exceptional experience tutoring all subjects within this grade range. She is partnering with Cultivate to provide tutoring services to these academic levels, in order to ensure that students entering into the Cultivate programs are fully aware of what to expect and what is expected of them. This offering is available immediately, so be sure to check it out or contact us for more information. 

What drew you to education? 

All throughout high school and college, I was a summer camp counselor. This sparked my interest in pursuing a job within the early childhood education sector. I also just find children to be so interesting to work with. Every day brings with it something new and it is definitely never boring. I find it rewarding to be a part of their support system. 

What is your perspective of and your goals for student learning? 

I believe in an individualized approach to learning. There are many different learning styles and in order to be successful in making something, they have to figure out their process. I want to encourage students to be hands-on and to have an active say in their educational futures. When these things are implemented, it usually results in refined critical thinking skills. 

How do you find success in connecting with students? 

I like to keep a positive, supportive, encouraging environment from the very first time we meet. I want them to build their confidence, not only in their school work but also in themselves in general. I ask them to teach me about the things they are interested in and passionate about, so I can exemplify how I care about their lives outside of tutoring sessions, too. With the students I tutor, I do my best to bring them up to the expectations and have no problem calling them out when they sell themselves short. 

How do you adapt to different learning styles? 

It usually takes a couple of sessions to get a feel for how a student best retains information and what things pique their interest that may be helpful to relate to. I also listen for keywords such as “heard” or “put them together” as these point to specific learning styles auditory and kinesthetic. Once we have narrowed it down, it becomes much easier to focus on the tutoring itself. 

What is a favorite memory from your own education? 

In a pre-Gwen Stefani world, I was in a spelling bee. The word that I was required to spell was “banana.” My inability to get the B-A-N-A-N-A-S in the right order is probably what sparked the creation of Gwen’s classic. 

Do you have a quote that you find particularly meaningful? 

“Things that go wrong often make the best memories.” 

We were thrilled that we had the opportunity to sit with Steff and get a feel for what she has already done and what she hopes to accomplish with Cultivate. If you are curious about our NEW OFFERING for K-8 TUTORING, get connected with us today!